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136 Effects of Storage Conditions and Time on the Physicochemical Properties of Dioscorea Rotundata (ASOBAYERE) Boakye, Isaac; Essuman, Edward Ken 2016 Volume 3,Issue 5, Sept. 2016 1056 Bibtex
137 Effect of Disc Speeds and Discharge on Droplet Distribution Pattern of Spinning Disc Sprayer Anisa, Km.; Geeta, Km. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 5, Sept. 2016 985 Bibtex
138 Performance Testing of the Rotary Paddy Weeder with Different Angle of Blade Anisa, Km.; Geeta, Km. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 5, Sept. 2016 926 Bibtex
139 Green Synthesized Moringa (Moringa Loeifera) Leaf Nanoparticles – As An Antimicrobial Finish On Cottons Shaik, Khateeja Sulthana; D, Anitha 2016 Volume 3,Issue 5, Sept. 2016 950 Bibtex
140 Growth and Nutrient Uptake in Turmeric (Cucurma Longa L.) Under Different Weed Management Practices Pattanayak, Sarthak; Jena, S. N.; Das, Priyanka 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1121 Bibtex
141 Study the Classification, Chemical, Physical, Methods Modification and Starch Applications in Some Industrial Processes. Review Noman, Anwar; Yanshun, Xu; alfarga, Ammar; Abed, Sherif M.; Mahdi, Amer Ali; Al-ansi, Waleed A.; Wenshui, Xia 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1094 Bibtex
142 Comparison of the Effect of Spinosad, Kaolin and Protein Bait Spray on Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Citrus Orchards in the Gharb (Morocco) C., Smaili M.; Bakri, A.; Gaboune, F.; Bouharroud, R.; Blenzar, A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1166 Bibtex
143 Structured Lipids : Enzymatic Synthesis, Health Benefits and Nutraceutical Characteristics - A Review Abed, Sherif M.; Ali, Abdelmoneim H.; Noman, Anwar; SobiaNiazi, ; Al-FargaAmmar, ; Bakry, Amr M. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1200 Bibtex
144 Determinants of Credit Use in Turkish Agriculture GUNES, Erdogan; MOVASSAGHI, Hormoz; OZER, Osman ORKAN 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1105 Bibtex
145 The Network Relationships Among Multiple Service Providers in Agricultural Extension Program Planning in Iran Hosseini, Seyed Mahmood; Alimirzaei, Erfan; Hejazi, Yoysef; Mohammadi, Hamid Movahed 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1088 Bibtex
146 Development of Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) and Catla (Catla catla) Incorporated Protein and Fiber Rich Fish Burger Kumarathunge, N. C.; Jayasinghe, J. M. P.; Abeyrathne, E. D. N. S. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 934 Bibtex
147 Integrating Agriculture Model into WebGIS: Case Study in Red River Delta, Vietnam Chou, Tien Yin; Hoang, Thanh Van; Chandramouli, Magesh; Yeh, Mei Ling 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1071 Bibtex
148 The Inventory and Mapping of Sukun/Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg) Distribution on Maitara Island, Tidore Kepulauan SUPARMAN, ; AHMAD, ZULKIFLI 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1091 Bibtex
149 In VITRO Microtuberization of Two Potato Cultivars Under Sea Water Stress EL-Kazzaz, Ahmed A; Ebad, Fawzia A; EL-Sadek, Marwa E Abd 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1363 Bibtex
150 Natural Antioxidants, Phenolics Compounds and their Effects on the Health Ammar, Al-Farga; Kamal-Alahmad, ; Korma, Sameh A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1468 Bibtex

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