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166 Determinants of Credit Use in Turkish Agriculture GUNES, Erdogan; MOVASSAGHI, Hormoz; OZER, Osman ORKAN 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1713 Bibtex
167 The Network Relationships Among Multiple Service Providers in Agricultural Extension Program Planning in Iran Hosseini, Seyed Mahmood; Alimirzaei, Erfan; Hejazi, Yoysef; Mohammadi, Hamid Movahed 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1706 Bibtex
168 Development of Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) and Catla (Catla catla) Incorporated Protein and Fiber Rich Fish Burger Kumarathunge, N. C.; Jayasinghe, J. M. P.; Abeyrathne, E. D. N. S. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1540 Bibtex
169 Integrating Agriculture Model into WebGIS: Case Study in Red River Delta, Vietnam Chou, Tien Yin; Hoang, Thanh Van; Chandramouli, Magesh; Yeh, Mei Ling 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1700 Bibtex
170 The Inventory and Mapping of Sukun/Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg) Distribution on Maitara Island, Tidore Kepulauan SUPARMAN, ; AHMAD, ZULKIFLI 2016 Volume 3,Issue 4, July 2016 1771 Bibtex
171 In VITRO Microtuberization of Two Potato Cultivars Under Sea Water Stress EL-Kazzaz, Ahmed A; Ebad, Fawzia A; EL-Sadek, Marwa E Abd 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1954 Bibtex
172 Natural Antioxidants, Phenolics Compounds and their Effects on the Health Ammar, Al-Farga; Kamal-Alahmad, ; Korma, Sameh A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 2101 Bibtex
173 Assessment of Climate Warming of Qinghai Province in 53 years (1961 - 2013) Yagoub, Yousif Elnour; Bo, Zhang; Ding-min, Ji; Zhang, Yaozong; Bin, Ma; Tang, Min 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 2045 Bibtex
174 Analysis of Green Tea Leaf Processing Challenges the Viewpoint of Tea Factory Owners in Gilan Province, Iran Gharoun, Zahra; Kalantari, Khalil; Asadi, Ali 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1734 Bibtex
175 Efficacy of Newer Insecticides as Seed Dressers on Sucking Pests of Cowpea Somasundar, Uttakalla; Kumar, Nukala Naveen; Prasad, P. Rajendra 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1844 Bibtex
176 An Investigation Factors Influencing Attitudes of Faculty Members in Agricultural Colleges Toward Knowledge Sharing alizadeh, Neda; Rad, Reza Pezeshki; Alipour, Hassan 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1767 Bibtex
177 Influence of Compost-Treated Sewage Effluent Nutrient Integration on Nitrogen Dynamics in Arable Soil Chipula, Grivin 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1749 Bibtex
178 Educational and Psychological Factors Influencing Application of Pro-Environmental Technologies Among Wheat Growers Keshavarz, M.; Borkhani, F. Razzaghi; Salmani, M.; Rezvanfar, A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1943 Bibtex
179 Phytotoxicity Evaluation of MSWC by Germination of Gram Seeds (Cicer arietinum) and Fenugreek Seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum) Humaira, Mir Syeda Yuhannatul; Sinha, Dr. Manoj Ranjan 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1784 Bibtex
180 Novel Immobilization Technique and its Application Kamal-Alahmad, ; Ammar, Al-Farga; Gasmalla, Mohammed Abdalbasit A.; Korma, Sameh A.; Sulieman, Abdellatief A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 1725 Bibtex

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