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211 Study of Genetic Diversity of Berseem Accessions (Trifolium Alexandrinum L. SPP) With RAPD Markers ROUZ, S.; JEDDI, F. BEN; ZOUAGHI, M. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 2643 Bibtex
212 Production, Classification, Properties and Application of Chitosan Korma, Sameh A.; Kamal-Alahmad, ; SobiaNiazi, ; Ammar, Al-Farga; HalaAlyousef, 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 3432 Bibtex
213 Effect of Fish Species on Physical, Chemical, and Organoleptic Properties of Fish Sausages Alkarim, Alaa Osman Elkhalifa Awad; Adam, Hassan Mohammed Yagoub 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 2634 Bibtex
214 Exploitation Ratio of Characid Fish in Jebel Aulia Dam Ahmed, Ahmed Mohamed Musa; Adam, Hassan M. Yagoub; Yousif, Fathi Mirghani 2016 Volume 3,Issue 3, May 2016 2828 Bibtex
215 Assessment of Female Reproductive Performances of Kamohri Goat Maintained at Kamohri Goat Farm Khudabad Dadu Sindh Pakistan Kunbhar, Hamzo Khan; Memon, A. A.; Khatri, P. K.; Shah, M. G.; Bhutto, A. L. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2834 Bibtex
216 Plant Disease Leaf Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering Based on Internet of Things Wang, Yun Shi Xuqi; Zhang, Shanwen 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2952 Bibtex
217 Composition, Distribution and Economic Importance of Insect Pests of Prioritized Medicinal Plants in Some Growing of Ethiopia Bayisa, Negasu Guteta 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2984 Bibtex
218 The Influence of Environmental Factors on Polyphenol and Tocopherol Content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Veizi, Aulona; Peçi, Elisa; Lazaj, Lida 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2775 Bibtex
219 Prevalence of Parasitic Diseases in Four Blocks of Bankura District, West Bengal Mukherjee, Debapriyo; Sanyal, Koel Bhattacharya; Chakraborty, Debajit; and, Avijit Patra; Dash, Gadadhar 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2763 Bibtex
220 Organic Farming in Karnataka : Practitioners Perspectives Nazeerudin, 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2708 Bibtex
221 Training of Farmers and Extensionist Towards Sustainable Agricultural Development (The Case of Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture) Tshwana, M. P. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2703 Bibtex
222 Development and Evaluation of a Community-Based Rodent Control Strategy at Regae Tshwana, M. P.; Averbeke, W. Van; Kotze, J. J. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2630 Bibtex
223 Analysis of Components of Organic Dairy Farming in the Province of Ardabil, Iran Nasrabadi, Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh; H, Shabanail Fami; N, Motiee; Sanjabi, M.R 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2644 Bibtex
224 Performances of The Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) Gerplasm Collection Planted at Yaligimba (DRC) Luyindula, N.; Mantantu, N.; Muembo, D.; Batanga, R. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2729 Bibtex
225 Effects of Rooting Hormones on the Juvenile Stem Cuttings of Dioscoreophyllum Cumminssi (Stapf) Diels (Serendipity Berry) Bamigboye, T. O.; Kayode, J.; Obembe, M. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 2703 Bibtex

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