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241 Training of Farmers and Extensionist Towards Sustainable Agricultural Development (The Case of Tompi Seleka College of Agriculture) Tshwana, M. P. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3258 Bibtex
242 Development and Evaluation of a Community-Based Rodent Control Strategy at Regae Tshwana, M. P.; Averbeke, W. Van; Kotze, J. J. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3204 Bibtex
243 Analysis of Components of Organic Dairy Farming in the Province of Ardabil, Iran Nasrabadi, Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh; H, Shabanail Fami; N, Motiee; Sanjabi, M.R 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3226 Bibtex
244 Performances of The Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.) Gerplasm Collection Planted at Yaligimba (DRC) Luyindula, N.; Mantantu, N.; Muembo, D.; Batanga, R. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3295 Bibtex
245 Effects of Rooting Hormones on the Juvenile Stem Cuttings of Dioscoreophyllum Cumminssi (Stapf) Diels (Serendipity Berry) Bamigboye, T. O.; Kayode, J.; Obembe, M. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3276 Bibtex
246 Public Attitude Toward Urban Agriculture in Tehran Metropolitan Rezvanfar, Ahmad; Mirtorabi, Mahdieh Sadat; Mohammadi, Hamid Movahed; Hosseini, Seyed Mahmood; Taheri, Mohammad Reza 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3346 Bibtex
247 Effects of Mycorrhizae on Phytoremediation of Soil Contaminated with Small-Scale Gold Mine Tailings Containing Mercury Indraningsih, Bekti; Utomo, Wani Hadi; Handayanto, Eko 2016 Volume 3,Issue 2, Mar. 2016 3249 Bibtex
248 Evaluation of Sweet Potato Cultivars for Differences in Cylas puncticollis (Curculionidae: Brentidae) Damage in South Western Cameroon Parr, Mbua. C.; Ntonifor, Nelson. N.; Jackai, Louis E. N. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3528 Bibtex
249 Socioeconomic Dynamics Analysis of Women Entrepreneurship: Case of Shea Nuts Processors in North Benin Guy, Nouatin; Honorat, Edja 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3461 Bibtex
250 A Development of High Frequency Induction Heater for Green House Han, Doo Hee 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3430 Bibtex
251 Effects of Community’s Participation in Community Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of LEEMP in Benue State Ochepo, Comfort Owakoyi 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3806 Bibtex
252 An Error Correction Almost Ideal Demand System for Import Meat in China Zhang, Haifeng; Li, Yuzhi; Wang, Jun; HuiwuGuo, ; Wan, Lu 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3730 Bibtex
253 Strategies of Offers and Agricultural Sustainable Food Security MOUNIROU, Ichaou 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3669 Bibtex
254 Comparative Natural Resistance of Some Maize Varieties to Sitophilus zeamais (Motschulky) O., Longe O.; A., Oso A. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3271 Bibtex
255 In Vitro Methodology to Reproduce the Conditions of the Gastrointestinal Tract of Ruminants: A Useful Tool to Assess Spores’ Viability from Nematophagous Fungi for the Biological Control of Parasitic Nematodes Orozco-Aceves, Martha; Calvo-Araya, José A.; Jiménez-Rocha, Ana E.; Acuña-Navarro, Oscar; Álvarez-Calderón, Víctor 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3256 Bibtex

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