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256 Changes in the Nutrient and Anti-Nutritional Composition in Two Varieties of Cocoyam (Var esculenta and Var. antiquorum (L) Schott) Caused by Isolated Fungi Species in Plateau State, Nigeria Pandukur, S. G.; Amienyo, C. A. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2845 Bibtex
257 Design and Development of a Prototype Laboratory Scale Fecal Sludge Compost Pellet Making Machine Amoah, J. Y.; Djokoto, F.; deGraft, A.; Abdulai, I.; Dzamboe, P.; Selormey, G. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2844 Bibtex
258 Multivariate Analysis of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds for Aflatoxigenic A. flavus Detection Sun, Dongdi; Gower, Julie L.; Stokes, C. Elizabeth; Windham, Gary L.; Baird, Richard E.; Mlsna, Todd E. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2790 Bibtex
259 Characterization and Screening of Bacillus thuringiensis Isolated from Nashik and Ahmednagar Region of Maharashtra Mane, V. A; Shinde, H. S; Pagar, T. A; Garud, M. P. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2700 Bibtex
260 Substituting Maize for Processed Cassava Peels: A Cost Benefit Analysis in Poultry Farming A., Etchu K.; V., Tapong; K., Ndamukong; O., Enokenwa 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2679 Bibtex
261 Yield Performance of Lowland Paddy under Different Cultural Treatments in Kawlchaw East, Saiha District of Mizoram, India Sahoo, U. K.; Singh, S. L. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 4, July 2015 2672 Bibtex
262 Screening for Drought Tolerance among Coffea arabica Cultivars in Kenya J., Cheserek J.; O., Omondi C.; M., Ithiru J. 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 3044 Bibtex
263 Using EU-Rotate_N Model to Determine Effects of Nitrogen Application Dosage on N Leaching Mthandi, J.; Kahimba, F.C.; Tarimo, A.K. P.R.; Salim, B.A.; Lowole, M.W 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 2992 Bibtex
264 Effect of Different Storage Containers used for Storing Seeds and Management Practices on Seed Oil and Protein Content after Different Times of Storage in O-9897 Varieties Haque, S. M. A.; Hossain, I.; Rahman, M. A. 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 2833 Bibtex
265 Genetics of Thrips Resistance in Cowpea Dormatey, R.; Atokple, I. D. K.; Ishiyaku, M. F. 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 2877 Bibtex
266 Identifying Resistance to Ethiopian Russian Wheat Aphid (Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko)) Populations in Introduced Bread Wheat Genetic Resources Belay, Tesfay 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 2911 Bibtex
267 Brucellosis: An Overview and Current Scenario Thomas, Jobin; S., Nighil Rosh A.; A., Kannan; Paladan, Varsha; S., Anagha; Thomas, Marykutty; M., Hari Narayanan P. 2015 Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2015 2744 Bibtex
268 Studies on Development of Meat Analogue Rolls Using Various Plant Sources Yadav, Priyank; Ahlawat, S. S.; Soni, Naveen; Rani, Monika; Bishnoi, Suman; Jairath, Gauri 2015 Volume 2 Issue 2, March, 2015 3001 Bibtex
269 Dissipation Dynamics and Risk Assessment of Profenofos, Triazophos and Cypermethrin Residues on Brinjal for Food Safety V, Shashi Bhushan; Cherukuri, Sreenivasa Rao; S, Swarupa Rani; A, Harinatha Reddy; D, Ravindranath; M, Aruna; M, Hymavathy 2015 Volume 2 Issue 2, March, 2015 2924 Bibtex
270 Yield of Six Sudanese Onion Cultivars Eltyeb, Mohammed Ahmed; Elhasan, Gaafar Mohammed 2015 Volume 2 Issue 2, March, 2015 2850 Bibtex

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