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256 Erythritol Like Sugar Substitute in Cocoa Dressings Hadjikinova, R.; Mihov, R.; Hrusavov, D.; Nikovska, K.; Dzhivoderova, M. 2016 Volume 3,Issue 1, Jan. 2016 3273 Bibtex
257 Effects of Some Selected Fungicides on Cercospora Leaf Spot of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) in Sokoto, North-Western Nigeria Muhammad, A. S.; Garba, B. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3443 Bibtex
258 Effect of Spacing and Fertilizer Levels on Growth, Flowering and Spike Yield in Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cv. Shringar under Field Experiment Desai, Nagappa; Thirumala, S. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3949 Bibtex
259 Evaluation and Management Option of Over Aged Sugarcane at Kessem Sugar Project, Southeast Ethiopia Yesuf, Endris; Wolde, Zinabu; Dengiya, Alemayehu; H/Wold, Eshetu; Wale, Kassahu; Kedir, Abdella; Wolday, Muruth 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3427 Bibtex
260 Effect of Planting Date on Growth and Tuber Yield of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties at Anderacha District, Southwestern Ethiopia Haile, Bewuketu; Mohammed, Ali; Woldegiorgis, Gebremedhin 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3840 Bibtex
261 Determination of the Effects of Parboiling and Frying on the Dehulling Process of African Breadfruit Seeds (Treculia africana Decne) S., Ozigbo Emmanuel; I., Bamgboye A.; M., Murphy Kayode 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3300 Bibtex
262 Evaluation of Reduced-Fat Food Emulsions with Cassava Starch Dzhivoderova, M.; Nikovska, K.; Hadjikinov, D.; Hadjikinova, R. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3401 Bibtex
263 Rural Community Development through Participatory Approach: A Case Study of LEEMP, Benue State Nigeria Ochepo, C. O.; Ejembi, E. P.; AKANDE, O. S. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 3293 Bibtex
264 Effect of Root Exudates of Different Cultivars of Chickpea on Growth of Wilt Complex Fungi of Chickpea Zope, A. V.; Rakhonde, O. S.; Awadhiya, G. K. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 6, Nov. 2015 1430 Bibtex
265 The Discovery and Identification of Varieties of Olive Ismaili, Hairi; Veizi, Aulona; Bojaxhi, Gjergj 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 3541 Bibtex
266 Antibacterial Activity of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Plant Extracts against Bacterial Wilt of Tomato Caused by Ralstonia solanacearum K, Narasimha Murthy.; Uzma, Fazilath; K, Soumya.; C, Srinivas. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 4376 Bibtex
267 The Use of Linear Programming in Land use Planning Strategies for Increased Food Crop Production Ronald, Koech; Saina, Ernest; Winrose, Chepng’eno; Boit, Rose 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 3519 Bibtex
268 Plant Diversity and Vegetation Structure in Differently Sized Home Gardens of Mizoram, India Jeeceelee, L.; Sahoo, U. K. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 3369 Bibtex
269 Variety and Sowing Time on the Growth and yield of Chickpea (Cicerarietinum L.) in Souther Region of Bangladesh Sikdar, S.; Abuyusuf, M.; Ahmed, S.; Tazmin, M. F. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 3542 Bibtex
270 Weed Biomass and Seedling Emergence Patterns as Affected by Different Ground Cover Management Systems in Coconut Plantations of Asian Humid Tropics Sri Lanka Senarathne, S. H. S.; Sangakkara, U. R.; Raveendra, S. A. S. T. 2015 Volume 2,Issue 5, Sept. 2015 3460 Bibtex

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