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31 Role of Forest-Farm Interface Landscape Management Practices on Rural Households Livelihood: the Case of Gurafarda and Arsi-Negele District, Southern Ethiopia kassa, Kefyalew; tesfaye, Yemiru; tadesse, Menefese 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 440 Bibtex
32 Influence of Dates of Sowing and Fertilizer on Growth and Seed Yield of Sunnhemp Genotypes Sanggonda, Mr.; Eshanna, M. R. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 410 Bibtex
33 Water Productivity of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annum) Irrigated with Fish Pond Water J., Akindele Ayodeji; Olufayo, A. A. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 350 Bibtex
34 Study on Prevalence and Most Widespread Wheat Seed Borne Mycoflora in Different Locations of Samastipur Singh, Nitesh; Sinha, Ajoy Kumar 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 361 Bibtex
35 Transformation of Traditional Fermented Foods of South India Jegadeesan, Muniandi; Miyazaki, Hidetoshi 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 379 Bibtex
36 Correlation Coefficient and Path Analysis of Advance Rice Genotypes in Central Mid-hills of Nepal Shrestha, N.; Poudel, A.; Acharya, S. Sharma; parajuli, A.; Budhathoki, S.; Shrestha, K. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 3, May 2018 401 Bibtex
37 Productivity of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. cv. Smooth Green) Using Application Frequency of Vermicompost Tea Mamaril, Hazel Joy U.; Rosales, Raymund Julius G. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 660 Bibtex
38 Udder Morphology and Machine Milking Ability in Dromedary Camels Kaskous, Shehadeh 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 553 Bibtex
39 Plant Disease Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transformation and Support Vector Machine Wang, Hong; Zhang, Shanwen; Shao, Yu; Zhang, Yunlong 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 541 Bibtex
40 Development of Multiple and Cross-Resistance in Cotton Whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci Gennadius) Population in Gezira, Sudan Assad, Yousif Osman Hussein; Bashir, Nabil Hamid Hassan; Hassan, Samia Abou Obida 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 509 Bibtex
41 Effects of Rootstock Age and Grafting Time on Cleft Grafting in ‘Tainung No.2’ Papaya Nguyen, Van-Hong; Yen, Chung-Ruey; Hsieh, Ching-Hsiang 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 565 Bibtex
42 Effect of Temperature and Duration of Storage on Viability of Plukenetia Conophora (Walnut) Mull Arg Seeds using Tetrazolium Test Amadi, J.O.; Appah, O.R.; Ibode, T.R.; Agbonavbare, O.R. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 422 Bibtex
43 In vitro Shoot Tip Response to Encapsulation-Dehydration Procedure for Cryopreservation of Philippine Taro [Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott] Acedo, V. Z.; Damasco, O. P.; Laurena, A. C.; Cruz, P. C. Sta; Namuco, L. O.; Lalusin, A. G. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 476 Bibtex
44 Evaluation of Porcine Gastric Mucin Magnetic Bead Enrichment for the Detection of Norovirus in Bivalve Mollusks Ngo, Hang Thu; Nguyen, Ngoc Mai; Phan, Ha Thanh Thi; Le, Hoa Quang 2018 Volume 5,Issue 2, Mar. 2018 513 Bibtex
45 Assessment of Faba Bean Gall Disease Intensity in North Shoa Zone of Central, Ethiopia Bekele, Belachew; Dawit, Woubit; Kassa, Bekele; Selvaraj, Thangavel 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 823 Bibtex

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