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346 Soil Properties-Cassava Yield Relationship in the Coastal Ecological Zone of Southern Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria Abua, Moses Adah; Essoka, Paulin A. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 4, July 2014 3612 Bibtex
347 Impact of Microfinance Banks on Poverty Reduction in Ogbomoso Zone of Oyo State A., Sanusi W.; B., Abdulsalam M. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 4, July 2014 3477 Bibtex
348 Tomato Root Knot Nematode Control Through Biocontrol Agent Pseudomonas Fluorescens Thiyagarajan, Samaraj S.; Hari, K. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 4, July 2014 3720 Bibtex
349 The Detection of a New Hyphomycetes of Fungus from Central India S., Thakur R.; N., Rai A. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 3780 Bibtex
350 Field Trials using Cow Urine and Dung as Biopesticides against Sucking Bugs of Amaranthus Cruentus Onunkun, O. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4731 Bibtex
351 Evaluation of Different NP Fertilizer Rates and Bradyrhizobium Inoculation on Yield and Yield Components of Soybean [Glycine Max (L.) Merrill], at Jinka, Southern Ethiopia Yoseph, Tekle; Worku, Walelign 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4105 Bibtex
352 Performance Evaluation of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L.) Varieties under Moisture Conservation Practices for Yield and Yield Components at Alduba, Southern Ethiopia Yoseph, Tekle 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 3895 Bibtex
353 Determination of Inter Row Spacing and Seed Rate on Productivity of Finger Millet [Eleusine Coracana (L.) Gaertn.], At Jinka, Southern Ethiopia Yoseph, Tekle 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4922 Bibtex
354 Nodulation, N and P Uptake as Influenced by Parthenium (Parthenium Hysterophorus L.) Densities in Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Woldesenbet, Mitiku 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 3631 Bibtex
355 Population Dynamics of Aphid (Aphis Gossypii G.) on Tomato Agro-Ecosystem in Faisalabad Region Shakeel, Muhammad; Akram, Waseem; Hamza, Ameer; Ali, Muhammad Waqar; Ali, Arif 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4309 Bibtex
356 Response of Cauliflower to Organic Nutrition under Integrated Farming in Homesteads Isaac, Sheeba Rebecca; M, Manu 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4075 Bibtex
357 Use of Participatory Video in Enhancing Sorghum Production among Smallholder Sorghum Farmers’ in Rachuonyo North Sub-County, Kenya Ouma, Matilda A.; Onyango, Christopher A.; Ombati, Justus M.; R., Khan Z.; O., Midega C. A.; J., Pittchar 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 4126 Bibtex
358 Evaluation of Efficacy of Lactic Acid as Coagulant in the Preparation of Kaladhi: A Hard and Dry Cheese A., Bukhari S. A.; V., Pathak; F., Bhat Z.; R., Ahmad S. 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 3644 Bibtex
359 The Relationship between Body Con Formation, Testicular, Carcass Traits, and Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Levels in Pubertal Male Boer Goat Crosses Okere, Chukwuemeka; Keith, Latoya; Bolden-Tiller, Olga 2014 Volume 1,Issue 3,May. 2014 3562 Bibtex
360 Reproductive Immunization of Domestic and Wild Animals: Review Yitbarek, Melkamu Bezabih; Regasa, Fekadu 2014 Volume 1,Issue 2,March. 2014 3911 Bibtex

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