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91 Value Chain Analysis of Honey in Kaffa and Sheka Zones of SNNPR, Ethiopia Tarekegn, Kassa; Girma, Gonche; Assefa, Amenay 2017 Volume 4,Issue 3, May 2017 914 Bibtex
92 Fragments of Eight Captured Ligneous Plants Consumed by Goats on the Mixteca Poblana, Mexico Hernández, Jorge Ezequiel Hernández; Guerra, Francisco Javier Franco; Castañeda, Elsa Lysbet Rodríguez; Robles, Manuel Robles; Rojas, Cesar Feliciano Pastelin; del Carmen. Rodríguez Castillo, José 2017 Volume 4,Issue 3, May 2017 832 Bibtex
93 Non-Solidifying Characteristics of A Longan Honey Specimen Associated with its Sugar Content and Composition Satoh, Shigeru 2017 Volume 4,Issue 3, May 2017 759 Bibtex
94 Relationship Between The Physical and Chemical Quality Parameters of Common Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum Moench) and Tartary Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Tataricum Moench) Begić, Munevera; Žuljević, Sanja Oručević; Akagić, Asima; Spaho, Nermina 2017 Volume 4,Issue 3, May 2017 742 Bibtex
95 Phytochemical Screening, Proximate Analysis and Mineral Composition of Riped and Unriped Musa Species Grown in Anyigba and its Environs Onojah, P.K; Emurotu, J.E 2017 Volume 4,Issue 3, May 2017 737 Bibtex
96 Sustaining Soil Fertility and Yields of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana L.) through Balanced Fertilization in Entisols Gajbhiye, P. N.; Nigade, R. D.; Bulbule, A. V. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 981 Bibtex
97 Study of Combining Ability in Diallel Crosses of Maize (Zea Mays L.) for Grain Yield and Quality Traits Gosai, M. A.; Kuchhadiya, G. V.; Brahmbhatt, B. N.; Bhalala, K. N. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 875 Bibtex
98 Effect of Beeswax and Gammalu (Pterocarpus Marsupium) Latex Coating on Internal and Sensory Attributes of Chicken Eggs Stored at Room Temperature Edirisinghe, E. D. M. T.; Jayasinghe, J. M. P.; Himali, S. M. C.; Abeyrathne, E. D. N. S. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 980 Bibtex
99 The Effect of P Fertlizer Rates on The Yield and Yield Components of Taro (Colocasia Esculenta (L.) Schott.) in Boloso-Sore Woreda Wolaita Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia Buke, Taye; Gidago, Gifole 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 832 Bibtex
100 Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Changes on Vegetation Cover in Eastern Sudan Yagoub, Yousif Elnour; Musa, Omer Said; Siddig, Ahmed A. H.; Bo, Zhang; Zhongqin, Li; Feiteng, Wang 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 961 Bibtex
101 Synergistic Effects of pH, Temperature and Agitation on Growth Kinetics and Docosahexaenoic Acid Production of C. cohnii Cultured on Different Carbon Sources Safdar, Waseem; Zan, Xinyi; Song, Yuanda 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 781 Bibtex
102 Development of Low Cost Prawn Flavored Spicy Cracker with Prawn Waste and Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) Leaves Martyn, L. K.; Aruppala, A. L. Y. H; Abeyrathne, E. D. N. S. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 785 Bibtex
103 Extraction of Essential Oil from Lavandula angustifolia Flowers Preceded by Enzymatic Pre-Treatment and Investigate its Activity Against Free Radicals Rashed, Marwan M. A.; Tong, Qunyi; Rotail, Ashraf; Al-Farga, Ammar; Aboshora, Waleed; Al-Hajj, Nabil Qaid M 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 753 Bibtex
104 An Ergonomic Analysis of Indonesian Farmers in Using Agricultural Hand Tools in Relation to Their Comfort and Satisfaction Wibowo, Robertoes Koekoeh Koentjoro; Soni, Peeyush 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 814 Bibtex
105 Constructing a Library of Stable Mutations for Enhanced Bioethanol Production by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Using Various Molecular Biology Methods El-Rotail, Ashraf; Shia, Gui Yang; Rashed, Marwan M. A.; Al-Farga, Ammar; Mousa, Ahmed; Bakry, Amr M.; Korma, Sameh A.; Linghuana, Zhu; Zhia, Gao 2017 Volume 4,Issue 2, Mar. 2017 822 Bibtex

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