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91 Management of Faba Bean Gall Disease using Cultivars and Fungicides in North Showa Zone of Central Ethiopia Bekele, Belachew; Dawit, Woubit; Kassa, Bekele; Selvaraj, Thangavel 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 2283 Bibtex
92 The Story of Braula Coeca (Bee Lice) in Honeybee Colonies Apis Mellifera L. in Libya Alfallah, Hasan M.; Mirwan, Hamida B. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 2062 Bibtex
93 Comparative Evaluation of Schizophyllum commune Extracts as Potential Cosmeceutical Bio-Ingredient Razak, Dang Lelamurni Abd.; Jamaluddin, Anisah; Rashid, Nur Yuhasliza Abd.; Fadzil, Noor Hasni Mohd; Sani, Nor Ajila; Manan, Musaalbakri Abdul 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 2103 Bibtex
94 Geographical Indication and Registration for it in Uttar Pradesh, India: Present and Future Potential Yadav, Sujit Kumar; Chaudhary, R. C.; Sahani, Anjali 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 2050 Bibtex
95 Essential and Toxic Trace Elements in Achenae of the Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum L.), a Perennial, Alternative Energy and Honey Plant Froelich, W.; Nozinic, M. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 2003 Bibtex
96 A Study on Attitude of Members and Non-members of Women Dairy Co-operative Societies towards Milch Animals and Economics of Milk Production in Bidar District of Karnataka* Maruti, Mr.; B., Goudappa S.; S., Reddy B. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 1907 Bibtex
97 Evaluation of Best Performing Indigenous Rhizobium Inoculants for Faba Bean Production at Goba and Sinana District of Bale Highland South Eastern Ethiopia Eshetu, Mulugeta; Chimdessa, Chala; Sebboka, Shure; Bedaso, Negash; Chibsa, Tilahun 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 1952 Bibtex
98 An Analysis of Knowledge of the Women Member and Non-Member of Milk Producer Co-Operative Societies in Bidar District of Karnataka* Maruti, Mr.; B., Goudappa S.; K., Meti S.; K., Shashidhar K. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 1806 Bibtex
99 Doubling the Income of Farmers for Harvesting Ginger Crop through Tractor Drawn Ginger Digger-Cum-Elevator Nagendra, Kawale; Anantachar, M.; Veerangouda, M.; Prakash, K. V. 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 1827 Bibtex
100 Studies on Sensors for Measuring Soil Compaction for Effective Crop Production-A Review and Analysis NAGENDRA, KAWALE; SURVANSHI, ASHOK; MARUTI, 2018 Volume 5,Issue 1, Jan. 2018 1726 Bibtex
101 Performance Evaluation of Local Honey Bee Races (Apismellifera Wayi Gambella) in Sheka Zone Aleme, Melkam; Yadessa, Endale; Tulu, Derje; Bogale, Ararsa; Mengistu, Gezahegn; Bezabeh, Amsalu 2017 Volume 4,Issue 6,Nov.,2017 2146 Bibtex
102 Backyard Fruit Crops Potential in Supporting Urban Agro-Industry Wardhani, Ratna Mustika; Wuryantoro, 2017 Volume 4,Issue 6,Nov.,2017 2097 Bibtex
103 Optimization of Fertilizer Recommendations for Growth and Yield of Barley in the Central High Lands of Ethiopia Chala, Girma 2017 Volume 4,Issue 6,Nov.,2017 1942 Bibtex
104 Milk Urea Nitrogen: A Tool to Evaluate Dairy Cow Rations Ranaweera, K. K. T. N.; Kurukulasuriya, M. S.; Priyankarage, N.; Mangalika, U. L. P. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 6,Nov.,2017 1986 Bibtex
105 Respondents Evolution of the Effect of Grazing on Bt-cotton Crop Residues by Ruminants on Health and Milk Characteristics in Gezira State, Sudan HASHIM, M. A.; ELOBIED, G. H.; ADAWI, I. A. 2017 Volume 4,Issue 6,Nov.,2017 1880 Bibtex

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