Consuming What You Produce: Perception and Consumption Habits of Cocoa-based Products by Cocoa Farmers in the Eastern Region of Ghana

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Chocolate, Cocoa Products, Farmer Consumption habit, Health benefit, Likert Ratio, Ghana
Codjoe, Francis Nana Yaw; Boateng, Dennis Owusu; kwabla Nutakor, Edem; Odoom, Daniel Asomning; Adane, Seth
In recent times, the concerns of the government of Ghana have been on the need to increase the share of locally processed cocoa by 50%. To this end, there has been efforts through campaign by Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) to whip up interest amongst Ghanaians to cultivate the habit of cocoa consumption to sustain the sector which continues to export huge raw cocoa beans with minimal value addition. The concerns are whether or not cocoa consumption by farmers has the potential to contribute to the local cocoa processing and manufacturing agenda set by government. This study examined the perception and consumption habits of cocoa products by farmers in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Using a multi-stage sampling technique, a survey was conducted on 120 respondents, twenty (20) each from five cocoa producing communities in the Eastern Region. Descriptive statistics and likert scale analysis were performed on the survey data. A majority (33%) of farmers consume cocoa powder, followed by chocolate (30.83%) and 14.9% (cocoa based products: cocoa cake; pastries; liquor and butter) once a year. Notable amongst the factors perceived by farmers that limit their consumption of chocolate and cocoa-based products is low income. Furthermore, the study revealed that the low awareness of health benefits of chocolate and coco-based products at the farmer level is underpinned by lack of education, inadequate advertisement and sensitization by COCOBOD and relevant stakeholders. It is concluded that, the patronage in terms of consumption habits of chocolate and cocoa based products amongst respondents is minimal. It is recommended that while government creates a favorable business environment for more private sector participation in the local cocoa processing and manufacturing, this should go along with massive campaign and extension education on the health benefits of cocoa consumption at the farmer level. Again, it is advocated that the low income status of farmer which limit their patronage and consumption could be addressed through better producer price by government and introduction of viable additional livelihood programmes through cocoa extension. This has the potentials to enhance farmer’s consumption, hence contribute to the development of the local processing and manufacturing of cocoa.

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