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Year: 2019

  • Situma, J., Keseko, E. & Musungu, R. (2019). Nutrition Security of Households Utilizing Wooden Lockable Fish Ponds in Peri-Urban Areas of Busia County, Kenya. IJRAS, 6(4), 124-128. [More]
  • Al-Maqtari, Q. A., AL-Ansi, W. & Mahdi, A. A. (2019). Cold-active enzymes and their applications in industrial fields - A review. IJRAS, 6(4), 107-123. [More]
  • Bekele, W., Tesema, M., Mohammed, H. & Mammo, K. (2019). Herbage Yield and Bio-Chemical Traits as Influenced by Harvesting age of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf) Varieties at Wondogenet, South Ethiopia. IJRAS, 6(3), 65-71. [More]
  • Rajak, K. K., Hunje, R. & A., K. (2019). Influence of Storage Conditions and Containers on seed Germination and Seedling Quality in Flemingia Semialata Roxb. IJRAS, 6(3), 72-78. [More]
  • Loi, B. V., Mui, N. T., Giang, T. V., Thanh, P. & Ba, N. X. (2019). Yield and Nutritional Value of Brachiaria humidicola Grass Planted in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam. IJRAS, 6(2), 40-45. [More]
  • Aschale, N. & Feyissa, T. (2019). In Vitro Regeneration of Plectranthus Edulis (Vatke) from Leaf Derived Callus. IJRAS, 6(2), 31-39. [More]
  • Maryani, A. T., Nusifera, S., Matondang, N. & Wibowo, Y. G. (2019). Distribution of Stimulants Etefon and Fertilization for Latex Plant Rubber. IJRAS, 6(2), 57-64. [More]
  • Shukuru, K. K., Valimunzigha, C. K., Mondo, J. M. & Mbusa, H. K. (2019). Selection of F1 Sweetpotato Hybrids for Fresh Root Yield in Butembo Area, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. IJRAS, 6(2), 46-56. [More]
  • Anisa, Q. & Arsen, P. (2019). Innovative Phytosociological Method for the Inventory of Vegetation Types and AMP in a Municipality Scale. IJRAS, 6(1), 1-10. [More]
  • Veena, B. & Nagratna, B. (2019). Analysis of the Feed and Fodder Development Programmes Implemented During Normal and Drought Years in North Karnataka. IJRAS, 6(1), 11-17. [More]
  • Ravindrakumar & Shanthakumar, G. (2019). Review on; Origin, Taxonomy, Cytology and Reason for Variation of Chromosome Number in Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench.). IJRAS, 6(1), 27-30. [More]
  • Benali, N. & Lamarti, A. (2019). Secondary Somatic Embryogenesis for Cork Oak (Quercus Suber L.): Influence of Sugars. IJRAS, 6(1), 18-26. [More]

Year: 2018

  • ATIENZA, S. F. & MAGBANUA, M.-A. (2018). Organic Farming of Wild Native Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) at Barangay Aningalan, San Remigio, Antique. IJRAS, 5(6), 232-236. [More]
  • Martono, D. S., Rahayu, S. & Wijayanti, E. (2018). Vegetation Analysis and Association Species of Trees for Tropical Rainforest Highland in Cagar Alam Gunung Sigogor. IJRAS, 5(6), 237-241. [More]
  • Souza, A. F. & das Dores Saraiva de Loreto, M. (2018). Impacts of the Food Acquisition Program (FAP) on the Empowerment of the Farming Families of the Municipality of Paula Candido / Minas Gerais / Brazil. IJRAS, 5(6), 248-252. [More]
  • Wardhani, R. M. & Wuryantoro. (2018). Urban Agroindustry through Extension Utilization Based on Vegetable Plant. IJRAS, 5(6), 242-247. [More]
  • Mutundi, A. N., Muthomi, J. W., Olubayo, F. M., Leley, P. K. & Nzuve, F. M. (2018). Quality of Farm Saved Maize (Zea mays l.) Seeds and its Effect on Field Establishment. IJRAS, 5(6), 253-260. [More]
  • Rosales, R. J. & Galinato, R. G. (2018). Effect of Gibberellic Acid on the Flowering and Yield Performance of Hybrid Variety of Momordica Charantia. IJRAS, 5(6), 268-273. [More]
  • Feleke, M. M. (2018). Determination of Crop Water Requirement of Major Irrigated Crops of Kalu Woreda, Amhara Ethiopia. IJRAS, 5(6), 261-267. [More]
  • NJOYA, M. T., SEINO, R. A., Wittmann, D. & Kenneth, T. (2018). Nest Architecture and Colony Characteristics of Meliponula bocandei (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponini) in Cameroon. IJRAS, 5(6), 274-279. [More]
  • Islam, M. R., Rahman, M. M., Khaton, R. & Rahman, M. M. (2018). Comparative Biometry of Reproductive Organs between Indigenous and Cross Bred Cow in Bangladesh. IJRAS, 5(6), 280-285. [More]
  • Binalfew, T. (2018). Vegetable Seed Systems of Ethiopia. IJRAS, 5(6), 286-290. [More]
  • Laguna, G., Molina, M. V., Padilla, A., Aviles, Z., Bonomo, C., Carrizo, A. et al. (2018). Induction of Somatic Embryogenesis in Jatropha Curcas L.. IJRAS, 5(6), 296-300. [More]
  • Khalil, M. H., Debes, A. A. & Shebl, M. K. (2018). Estimation of Heterosis, Combining Ability and Reciprocal Effects for Growth Traits in Chickens from a Full Diallel Cross. IJRAS, 5(6), 291-295. [More]
  • Zope, A. V., Rakhonde, O. S. & Awadhiya, G. K. (2018). Evaluation of Medicinal Plants Metabolites Against Root Rot of Chickpea Caused by Rhizoctonia solani. IJRAS, 5(6), 301-304. [More]
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