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Year: 2020

  • Ali, A., Rehman, A., Shehzad, Q., Khan, S., Karim, A., Afzal, N. et al. (2020). Development and Characterization of Nanoemulsions Incorporating Tuna Fish Oil. IJRAS, 7(1), 1-10. [More]
  • Babarinde, O. E., Adebiyi, O. A., Longe, O. G. & Ojebiyi, O. O. (2020). Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization of Brewers Dried Grain and Sorghum Spent Grain (Burukutu Residue) by Broiler Chickens. IJRAS, 7(1), 11-20. [More]
  • Akpe, J. U., Alio, P. A. & Aneke, D. C. (2020). Empowerment Strategies for Enhancing Youths’ Participation in Fishery Enterprises in Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. IJRAS, 7(1), 21-31. [More]
  • Dabi, S. E. (2020). Milk Yield and Reproductive Performances of Dairy Cows at Bako Agricultural Research Center. IJRAS, 7(1), 32-40. [More]
  • R., S. & Meethal, K. V. (2020). Screening of Plants Extracts to Identify the Extracts Containing Inhibitors against the Larval Gut Proteases of Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). IJRAS, 7(1), 47-53. [More]
  • Rakhonde, O. S. & Zope, A. V. (2020). Effect of Soil and Foliar Application of Zinc on Yield and Quality of Nagpur Mandarin. IJRAS, 7(1), 41-46. [More]
  • Nega, A., Lemessa, F. & Berecha, G. (2020). Virulence of Four Cercospora Zeae-maydis Isolates on Tolerant and Susceptible Maize Varieties Under Greenhouse Condition. IJRAS, 7(1), 54-66. [More]

Year: 2019

  • Aklilu, M. (2019). Genetic Diversity Study on Low Land Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Genotypes Based on Morphological Traits in Teppi and Fogera, Ethiopia. IJRAS, 6(6), 209-218. [More]
  • Mabasso, G. A., Siqueira, V. C., Quequeto, W. D., Schoeninger, V., Simeone, M. L. & Froes, A. L. (2019). Proximal Composition and Colour of Maize Grains after Intermittent and Continuous Drying. IJRAS, 6(6), 193-203. [More]
  • Akhila, S. & More, S. D. (2019). Utilization of Internet by the Students of Agricultural University. IJRAS, 6(6), 204-208. [More]
  • Tafere, C. & Irie, K. (2019). Photosynthesis Efficiency of Culm Habit Near-Isogenic Lines Rice (Oryza sativa L.) to Different Planting Densities. IJRAS, 6(6), 219-229. [More]
  • Tsagaye, D., Gedebo, A. & Aklilu, S. (2019). Multivariate Studies for Fruits Yield and Quality Components in Diverse Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum MILL) Genotypes. IJRAS, 6(6), 239-246. [More]
  • A., R. T., D., S. M., A., A. B., A., H. I., S., A. T. & A., A. (2019). Utilization Potential of Catmint and Better Leaf Aqueous-Extracts on Performance and Physiological Characteristics of Broiler Birds. IJRAS, 6(6), 230-238. [More]
  • Deka, J. & kr. Sarma, D. P. (2019). Studies on Uterotrophic Assay in Albino Mice Exposed to Actara 25 Wg. IJRAS, 6(6), 247-252. [More]
  • Upadhyay, A. & Lavanya, G. R. (2019). Phenotypic Diversity for Quantitative Characters in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). IJRAS, 6(5), 129-133. [More]
  • Mahdi, A. A., Al-Ansi, W., Al-Maqtari, Q. A., Ahmed, A., Ahmed, M. I., Mohammed, J. K. et al. (2019). GC-MS Analysis of Volatile Compounds the Peel and Pulp of Citrus Medica L. Var. Sarcodactylis Swingle (Foshou Fruit). IJRAS, 6(5), 134-142. [More]
  • Njoku-Onu, K. A., Inyang, J. O., Abdullahi, M. S., Domo, I. S., Abbas-Adediran, H. & Kenge, B. N. (2019). Review of Grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus) Genetics. IJRAS, 6(5), 169-173. [More]
  • Olagoke, O. C., Akinwumi, A. O. & Emiola, I. A. (2019). Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chicken Fed Diet Supplemented with Ginger (Zingiber Officinale), Garlic (Allium Sativum), Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) and their Combinations. IJRAS, 6(5), 143-152. [More]
  • Patil, S., Goudappa, S. B. & Hulagur, B. (2019). A Study on the Perceived Usefulness of the Krishi Pradeepike Farm Magazine. IJRAS, 6(5), 153-158. [More]
  • Nasyiruddin, R. L., Noman, A., Ahmed, M. I., Mahdi, A. A., Al-Maqtari, Q. A., Jiang, Q. et al. (2019). Effect of Time of Low-Frequency Ultrasound Treatment on Antioxidant Activity and Physicochemical Properties of Silver Carp Myofibrillar Protein. IJRAS, 6(5), 159-168. [More]
  • Akinwumi, A. O., Atandah, R. A., Olawuyi, B. S., Olagoke, O. C., Ojebiyi, O. O. & Odunsi, A. A. (2019). Comparative Evaluation on Preference and Composition of Different Avian Egg Types. IJRAS, 6(5), 174-182. [More]
  • da Piedade Melo, A., Zandamela, I. N., Sitoe, M. D., das Eiras Ludovina Dgedge Melo, C. & Cândido, N. M. (2019). The Use of Pesticides in Tomato Production: Exposition of Chokwe Farmers - Mozambique. IJRAS, 6(6), 183-192. [More]
  • Keskse, D. (2019). Overview of Epidemiology and Management of Late Blight (Phytophtra Infestans (Mont.) on Potato and Tomato Crops. IJRAS, 6(4), 79-88. [More]
  • Were, S. A., Narla, R. D., Thies, J. E., Mutitu, E. W., Muthomi, J. W., Munyua, L. M. et al. (2019). Effect of Vermicompost and Biochars from Different Crop Residues in Management of Root Rot Disease of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). IJRAS, 6(4), 94-106. [More]
  • Raut, S., Maji, B. & Burman, D. (2019). Sorptivity and Organic Matter and its Humic Components Under Different Landforms in a Coastal Soil of West Bengal. IJRAS, 6(4), 89-93. [More]
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